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Ships propulsion and auxiliary equipment need to perform optimally 24/7, every day of the year. Prime components of these engines need to be replaced when damaged or reconditioned when worn out to permissible limits. Needless to mention, it is important that reconditioning of such prime components is being carried out by specialists. We specialize in reconditioning prime components of main and auxiliary marine engines giving them a second life.

Vessel downtime and cost is of major concern to ship operators, hence they opt for reconditioning as an alternative to new parts and this is where they place their trust in us. Most parts are restored by us to original maker’s specifications, or as required by client.  Over the course of so many years of involvement in parts refurbishment processes, our knowledge and expertise has continued to grow.

We are proudly capable of

  • Reconditioning and honing of cylinder liners with a bore of 150 – 450 mm and a stroke of up to 1500 mm
  • Reconditioning of turbocharger shafts
  • Reconditioning of piston rods and connecting rods
  • Cylinder cover reconditioning for both two and four stroke engines
  • Exhaust valves and seats reconditioning