Dry Docking Supervision

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Skanda Maritime prides itself in being able to manage multiple facets of the dry-docking process as an independent and dedicated consultant.  We have a well-qualified team to provide supervision for new building as well as conversion projects.

Any ship owner who appoints us to undertake the dry-docking of their vessel would be benefited with our expertise which covers:

  • Pre dry-dock planning and identification of appropriate shipyard in the area where vessel is trading
  • Technical specification development and implementing a dry-docking plan to meet the vessel needs
  • Obtain quotations from approved manufacturers and/or vendors of parts and consumables needed for repairs and prepare comparison sheet for review by client
  • Data analysis and calculation of shear force, bending moment and other forces acting upon the vessel while docking and undocking
  • Negotiation with the yard and sub vendors to obtain the best possible prices
  • Day to day monitoring and reporting on the repair process to ensure that quality and safety objectives are being complied in line with client’s instructions
  • Coordinating with class surveyors to obtain statutory approvals and essential certifications
  • Expert supervision for equipment lifting,  equipment positioning on to the foundation, shaft alignment, pipe installation and commissioning
  • Post undocking engine tests and sea trials to ensure that ship is in a seaworthy condition