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Skanda Maritime is a professional supplier of various types of piston pump, axial pump, through pump, hydraulic motor, etc. which are widely used in ship’s cargo handling gear.

We maintain stock of pumps and motors used in ship’s cranes of prominent makers like LIEBHERR, O&K, MACGREGOR, TTS-LMG, KRUPP FORDERTECHNIK, NMF, TSUJI, MITSUBISHI, etc.

Over the years, we have attained knowledge and expertise in supplying axial piston and swash plate pump and motor parts for HYDROMATIK, BRUENINGHAUS, UCHIDA AND BOSCH REXROTH (AA2FM/O, A2FE, A2FLM, A2FSL, A4FO, A4FM, AA4V/VG, AA4VS, A4VSG, AA6VM, A6VE, AA7VO/TO, A7VSL, A8V, AA10VSO, AA10VO, A10FM, A10VM, AA10VG, AA11VLO, A11VO, A11VG, AA20V, A22V, A2F, A2V, A3V, A4V, A4VG, A4VS, A5V, A6V, A7V, A8V, A10V, A11V & A20V)

Our supply range also covers HAGGLUNDS viking & compact series motors, STAFFA hydraulic motors, KAWASAKI hydraulic pumps and other high pressure hydraulic units of IHI, PARKER, DENISON, EATON, NORWINCH and HAWE.

We supply both refurbished (refitted) and new equipment as per client’s need and are fully equipped to carry out complete overhauling and service/replacement of old/worn out components with new parts followed by final assembly and testing.  Also, we’re closely associated with specialist factories producing replacement parts like drive shaft, ball guide, center pin, retainer plate, socket bolt, piston, valve plate, swash plate, cylinder block, piston shoe, saddle bearing, bearing seat, etc.  These spare parts are of long life, stable capability and can be completely interchanged with the original ones.

Relying on our quality and competitive pricing, we have frequent orders from ship owning companies having bulkers and container ships in their fleet.