Non Destructive Evaluation

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Skanda Maritime offers the techniques, equipment and necessary expertise to meet all your non-destructive testing needs.  Our technicians are certified to SNT–TC –1A requirements of the American Society for Non Destructive Testing (ASNT).  We provide hull thickness gauging, ultrasonic flaw detection, magnetic particle inspection and dye penetrant testing.

Our field inspectors have been proactively engaged in assignments on product processing industries, manufacturing plants, ship yards and dry-docks.  To date, all our NDE services have been conducted in accordance with internationally recognized specification codes and test procedures to suit customer requirements.

We have proven ability to perform nondestructive testing as desired by P&I clubs, Hull & Machinery underwriters, Ship Managers and Owners.

We are equipped with state of the art facilities to obtain critical reports and first-hand information.  There’s quite a bit of difference between our services and other agencies or services that are very similar in nature.  Along with our quality professional inspections, our detailed inspection reports set us apart.  We are just a very few agencies that provide their customers with such detailed paperwork.  Unlike the simple, one page handwritten checklist that you must have received from other companies, every component that we inspect has its own folder containing a detailed inspection report including captioned digital photos along with the operator’s certificate and testing equipment’s calibration certificate.