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Marine pumps are indispensable for safe voyages and are required to be strong, operative, energy efficient, and dependable. We supply complete pump units, both new and reconditioned with a dedicated after sales support system that provides swift fix and parts replacement for makes such as TEIKOKU, HEISHIN, SHINKOKINZOKU, NANIWA, TAIKO, ALLWEILER, IMO PUMP, IRON PUMPS, POMPE GARBARINO, THUNE EUREKA, HAMWORTHY.

Shipboard pumps supplied by Skanda Maritime are installed on numerous vessels worldwide that voyage across the seven seas today.  We are proficient in supplying fresh water pump, sanitary pump, G.S. pump, cooling FW/SW pump, ballast pump, emergency fire pump, fire & G.S. pump, boiler feed water pump, boiler water circulating pump, lub. oil pump, condensate water pump, vacuum pump, ejector pump and bilge pump.